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 We get it. I.T.'s Complicated... ﷯ Information Technology can be confusing and frustrating. When you risk your critical business processes to inexperienced IT professionals, your headaches and costs can skyrocket. Unlike the world of accounting, the Information Technology industry doesn't have a standardized set of legal requirements companies must follow in order to deliver the same, consistent results. That's where we can help. At LiteFoot Technology, LLC we believe in following proven business methods which exceed the industry standards in order to ensure your servers, desktops, security, backups and updates will be consistently configured, ensuring reliability. This approach minimizes downtime and threats and maximizes end-user productivity and network stability. At Litefoot we have been engineering, implementing and maintaining networks, while providing friendly desktop support, for over 20 years. And what, exactly, does all this experience mean for you? Our expertise will allow you to operate more efficiently and worry-free. With our software support experience we can more easily and readily identify issues, resolving them in a timely manner, often before you even know there's a problem. The bottom line: Cost-savings, profitability and a bulletproof infrastructure.